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My passion is coaching driven, creative, socially conscious women to reconnect with themselves for greater presence in their lives, peace in their hearts and power in the world.

As a coach, my job is to create a safe space for you to share, feel and reconnect in a way that awakens you, lightens you and inspires you for the life you want to create.

You’re a mission-drive woman with a highly developed streak of bad-assery. You get sh*t done, power through, suck it up and work hard.

You’re goal-oriented and when you say you’re gonna do something, you f*cking do it.

And the problem is you’re so busy accomplishing, meeting expectations, holding things together and keeping others happy that you’ve somehow lost YOU, lost balance and the ability to listen to your intuition.

You’ve been so focused on building a “successful” life that you’ve forgotten to check in and see if this is actually the life you want.

So tell me, when did you decide everything else was more important than YOU?

When did you start living life by external markers of success and happiness rather than what you honestly value?

In our coaching together you’ll learn how to drop the shoulds and have tos.

You’ll let go of needing to look a certain way, be a certain way, meet everyone’s expectations, and keep up appearances.

You’ll learn how to approach yourself with deep care and compassion.

You’ll rediscover beautiful parts of you long ignored and master the ability to prioritize your feelings, your needs and your voice.

Our work together will give you the tools to slow down, drop the “I’m fine” routine, and open your heart to trust your deepest knowing of who you are to create the fully present, open-hearted life you crave.

I work deeply and intimately with my clients both one-on-one and in groups.

Take a look below to see what’s the best fit for you.

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One on One

Clarity Session
Honestly, I'm amazed and what came out during our session. In just one hour Jamie got to the heart of my concerns and gave me a realistic and do-able list of action items to work through. I feel so much better, like I have something to hold onto and now know where I'm going. - Robin Mock

Insight. Direction. Action. This is an immediate way to get straight-up, open-hearted guidance to clear what's clouding your brain and create a game plan for the journey ahead.

You feel lost and are looking for answers.

On the outside life “looks good” and on the inside there’s a disconnect.

Your relationship is off.

Work is running you ragged.

You’re dissatisfied with your body.

Nothing ever feeling like it’s good enough. Particularly YOU.

You want insight. Clarity. Understanding. But most of all, you want relief and tools to move you forward.

Before our session you’ll fill out an assessment which will tell me exactly where start and what needs attention.

During our session we’ll dive deep, ask big questions, open your eyes and heart to what’s really happening and bang out a list of specific, actionable recommendations to get you moving forward.

By the time our session is over you’ll feel clear, light, seen and inspired to explore your new tools and practices that’ll bring you closer to the full YOU.

4 Month Coaching Program
The joy and care Jamie shows in each of our sessions and between leaves me feeling understood, light and more connected to myself and what I need most. - Michelle McCartan

Presence. Truth. Voice. You’re looking to make major shifts in your life and committed to rediscovering the FULL you.

During our custom-designed 4 month program, you’ll learn how to cultivate presence in your life, give yourself permission and choice, drop old stories that hold you back, tap into your deepest truth and bravely speak it.

You’re ready to face what doesn’t feel right in your life and take your understanding of YOU to the next level. You may have done personal development work before but now things are at a breaking point.

You want to get over the self-doubt. The judgement. The anger. The fear. The struggle.

You want to feel focused and aligned in your life, free in your choices, brave enough to make change and at peace with where you are now.

Together we’ll laugh, cry, dig deep and discover the many beautiful and messy sides of you waiting to come out.

We’ll give you permission to trust your intuition and follow her lead. (Even when it’s scary.)

We’ll inspire you to voice your truth in any situation. (Think relationships, work, family etc.)

We’ll find and cultivate the compassionate, soulful YOU that’s eager to live her most authentic life.

Before our first session you’ll fill out an assessment which will tell me exactly where we need to start and what needs attention.

What this program includes:
An in-depth assessment of where you are now, what behaviors are working, what’s keeping you stuck and where you want to go.
3-5 post-session recommendations that keep your new lessons top of mind.
Specific tools and methods to use in between sessions to practice your new way of being.
Two 60 minute phone sessions a month.
Email support in between sessions.


First Steps