Just F*ing Eat It

Just F*cking Eat It

An online course to stop second guessing your food and start trusting your body.

You can be honest with me. Eating stresses you out, doesn’t it?

You hate to admit it too because you love food.  You get excited to look at menus, enjoy eating your greens, and fantasize about dinner while munching lunch.  Yet food is also terrifying because you feel like you can’t always control yourself around it and worry what your eating transgressions will do to your body.

You also wonder, “Am I eating healthfully enough?  Am I getting all that my body needs?  Why can’t I just stop at one cookie?  If I were eating well wouldn’t those 5 pounds have come off by now? “

Believe me, I get it.

Here’s the deal.  When it comes to eating there’s one question you never ask: “What does my body want in this moment?”

Instead you decide your body needs betterifying and so hop from one hot eating trend to the next, until finally after days, weeks, months or sometimes, years, of restricted eating + deprivation you say F*CK IT, and eat everything in sight.  (Which only then proves to you that you have no will power and cannot trust your body or yourself.)

Here’s the deal:  “Healthy” eating, though wonderful in theory, can be a total mind fuck when you’re always trying to get your food and body RIGHT.  

And what I’ve seen from my years of coaching health-conscious women is there is no permission to listen, which leads to a pile of confusion between how you feel, how you look, what you want to eat and what you think you should eat.

So what’s the answer to end the food and body madness?

Just F*cking Eat It

Just F*cking Eat it is an online course that will:

  • reveal the hidden “food rules” that suck the joy out of eating

  • give you a step by step approach to trusting your body

  • unlock the golden handcuffs of being a wellness warrior

  • teach you how to never again hem or ha over your eating choices

  • help you let go of your weight worries and flat abs obsession

  • cut through the “healthy eating” crap to give you answers to the most confusing food questions

  • get you in touch with what’s most true for your body

You’ve been dealing with this food and body, back and forth for long enough.

It’s time for a new way and to handle it once and for all, my dear.

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