Stop body berating and start loving YOU

Stop body berating and start loving YOU

“I’ll love my body when my skinny jeans fit.”

“If I was really so great, why don’t I believe it?”

“No matter how much I strive and accomplish, I just don’t feel calm and safe in my skin.”

“My self-deprecating humor is ME. If I’m nice to myself, I don’t know who I am.”

“Being easy on myself means I will eat everything in site. That’s too dangerous!”

Body-berating is the biggest, digging-deep core issue for almost every strong, smart, capable, sexy, thoughtful, self-doubting, overachieving, mission-driven woman I know.

It isn’t always pretty to look at the things you say to your body however I know you can sense how these negative-Nancy thoughts affect your relationships, your work, your success and most importantly your feelings of self-worth and power.

As women, we put value on looking thin, fit and “healthy” while our physical and emotional insides are a wreck as they try to digest the toxic, body-berating thoughts we feed them multiple times a day.

I know there is a voice inside of you that calls, pushes, and drives you to do awesome things in this world. You eat success for breakfast with a whole wheat bagel and love it! (If that’s true, we need to talk about the bagel.) Yet there’s something missing, isn’t there? You know success is not just money in the bank, professional recognition, raising brilliant children or having Oprah on speed-dial.

You know, deep down somewhere, that true success is having the ability to enjoy your body and your life in this moment, right now as your mission and achievements unfolds.

In woo woo speak: The grand vision and impact you see for yourself will happen, in fact it’s on it’s way, however you first have to unravel the food and body blocks to let it in.

In regular lingo: Quit talking s**t to yourself, learn to love your lady body in all her awesomeness right now and you will be amazed how quickly what you imagine for your life shows up!

Here are some free resources to get you start on the tasty, self-love soul train.

If you’ve ever thought “I’ll love myself when”..

Do you love to make arbitrary rules about your body, your work and your life? Ever notice when you don’t stick to the rule or accomplish the goal you feel like a failure? Read this article and learn how to release rancid restrictions to love your self NOW.

Are you constantly playing catch-up?

Our compulsion for playing catch-up is the quickest way to feel inadequate, unworthy and like a body-shame shlub. Read this to discover how to quit the catch-up game and finally follow your own (correct!) timeline.

Do you ever judge yourself? (Then judge yourself for being judgemental?)

If you’ve got an internal, judgemental lady that rides you like newly-broken pony, read this and learn how to calm her jacked-up judgements in any sticky situation.

Does your body love chocolate?

What do you do when your body loves chocolate but your hips don’t? Read this and learn the 4 easy steps to eat chocolate whenever you want without guilt, judgement or putting on the pounds. Oh so good!

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