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Clients include:

We are a society of brilliant women who’ve traded in what we know, deep in the core of us, for what looks right that, for some reason, has never felt right.

We think feelings are a sign of weakness, that strength looks like single-handedly, strong-arming our issues, and that when sh*t hits the fan, we’ve got to suck it up and muscle through.

And though we’re sensitive and introspective, we keep ourselves externally focused, numbed and busy worrying about what we say, how we look, what we eat, what people think and what we accomplish.

We’ve lost touch with ourselves and feel the disconnect within.

Know this. Reconnecting with ourselves is controversial.

It asks that we slow, that we stop wasting time on things we can’t control, people we can’t please and instead touch upon our innate worth and accept ourselves as we are.

It means putting an end to our constant betterifying. It means choosing compassion over comparison, self trust over self doubt, resilience over getting it right.

It asks us to face our fears and go against old stories and personal prejudices. It requires faith in ourselves, our inner knowing and our creativity.

And most importantly, it means finding our truth and speaking it.


So how do we do that?

Give me a mic and I’ll lay it down for you.

My most popular speaking subjects are:

Reconnection. Untapped Wisdom. Trust.


GET PRESENT: How to be present in the moment to live well, love deep and impact the world.

LISTENING TO YOUR GUT: What it takes to trust yourself in any situation

COMPASSIONATE COMMUNICATION:  How to find understanding and strength for difficult conversations.

HOW TO QUIT PROVING: The 5 ways to remove yourself from the cult of accomplishment and trade external validation for internal acceptance.

THE CREATIVITY CONUNDRUM: Discovering when to push and when to pull back for your fullest creative expression.

CRACKING VERSUS CRUMBLING: How to allow crisis to open and free you rather than cripple you.

I love working with event organizers to tailor my speech to your audience’s needs. So, tell me who you are and we’ll get it handled.

  • Jamie Greenwood is the bomb! From the first word out of her mouth we were all hooked on her personal story. She is raw, vulnerable and instantly likable. Memorable is the best word I can use to describe this fabulous woman.

    -Melody Biringer - founder The CRAVE Company

  • Jamie, your presentation was fantastic! We provide an unbelievable amount of wellness programs for our employees and we’re always looking for something new and inspiring. You certainly delivered! Your humor and engaging demeanor energized the room and left us all wanting more. In fact, our employees can’t wait to have you back! Many thanks.

    -Janet Minix, Wellness Manager, Clif Bar & Company

  • While I knew Jamie would be a wonderful presenter, I was blown away by her ability to connect with everyone in the room. She has this gift of reading her audience and delivering powerful information in a heart-felt and humorous way that allows for incredible impact and change.

    Her words gave us so much to think about and bonded us as as group of women on the path to the truth of our best selves.

    Lives were changed that day and we have Jamie to thank for it!

    -Leah Hill, Brand Experience Operations Manager, Clif Bar & Company

  • We love the vibrance Jamie brought to our organization. The presentation she delivered was extremely well received and has helped our employees make meaningful changes in their life. Her warm, engaging and informative style goes a long way towards making often difficult topics easy to approach. She makes people realize that change doesn’t have to be scary.

    -Ellen Carroll, Health Access Coordinator, Alta Bates Summit Medical Center

  • Jamie brings an informative and innovative approach to the ways we can all re-think how we connect with ourselves and each other. Her captivating presentation had our employees fully engaged and asking lots of questions. I highly recommend her!

    -Robyn Meltzer, VP Human Resources, Otis Spunkmeyer

  • Jamie, each time I see you speak I am blown away. Not only am I benefiting from your wisdom and advice, but I’m passing it on to the people in my life and we’re all making changes in how we listen to and approach oursleves. You’ve truly given me the permission I needed to trust myself and I appreciate it so very much.

    -Karla D., Alta Bates Summit Medical Center

  • Jamie was amazing. Her message to our Leader Training team was spot on – applicable to them not only in managing their teams, but also managing their overall lives!

    -LaVonne Finnerud, Luna Summit

  • Jamie's insight made an immediate positive impact on my life.

    During our leadership workshop with her I received two emails from patients which needed follow up. I was able to take the cues, guidance, and step by step emotional process Jamie reviewed with us and apply them directly to my conversations with them.

    Both patients later shared how much my compassion and care aided them through their current struggles and helped them feel even more supported than usual.

    Thank you Jamie, for helping me fine tune how to let others know how much I care about them.

    -Heather Maxwell

Official Bio

Jamie Greenwood is the founder of, where badass women come for real talk and deep love to compassionately reconnect with themselves.

Her passion is coaching driven, sensitive women through the disconnects between who they truly are, who they’re currently being and how they want to live and love.

Jamie’s writing has been featured on MindBodyGreen, Tiny Buddha and The Huffington Post and is the creator of Get Present, a 10 day digital experience to reconnect with YOU. When she’s not writing, coaching or running her mouth on stage, you can find Jamie cooking, laughing and dancing in front of her bedroom mirror.

For real talk and deep love visit