There’s nothing that gets the inspirational juices flowing more than live connection and interaction.  It’s where the big ah-has appear and change begins to take root.   My intention is to entertain and engage your group while giving them the necessary tools to feel home in their bodies.  When we create a sense of home in the body through how we eat, drink, think and move, we are better able to connect with our team, navigate stress, and access and express our creativity for true fulfillment in both our work and personal lives.

Clients of Jamie’s include…

Examples of Jamie’s keynote addresses & workshops:

  • Your food foundation-  Eating for ideal energy during your packed day.
  • Beyond fitbits and proper protein-  Intuitive eating to trust yourself and end the constant calorie counting.
  • Connecting with your Core for Strong Communication and Confidence
  • Blending is the new Work/Life Balance-  How re-evaluating expectations, passing on perfection and knowing your needs.
  • Feeling at Home In You- Creating contentment, calm and peace no matter where you are and what’s going on.

**All wellness workshops are available in webinar and teleclass format.

What people are saying…

Dear Jamie, I wanted to let you know your presentation was fantastic! We provide an unbelievable amount of wellness programs for our employees and we’re always looking for new benefits to offer. You were able to bring something new and fresh! Your humor and engaging demeanor energized the room and left us all wanting more. If fact, our employees can’t wait to have you back! Many thanks.
– Janet Minix, Wellness Manager, Clif Bar & Company

Jamie brings a fresh, informative, innovative approach to Wellness. She taught our employees to become knowledgeable about the foods they eat, food shop, how to prep, eat on the go and become aware of “how you are what you eat”. Her engaging presentation style are a great help in bringing wellness to all.  I highly recommend her!
Robyn Meltzer, VP Human Resources, Otis Spunkmeyer

Jamie, we love the work you’ve done in helping create our Wellness for Life program! The
presentations you put together are extremely well received and have helped our employees make meaningful lifestyle changes. Your warm, engaging and informative style goes a long way towards making this often unfamiliar information easy to understand. You make people realize that change doesn’t have to be scary.
Ellen Carroll, Health Access Coordinator, Alta Bates Summit Medical Center

When Jamie first came to speak at my office I had just learned I was pre-diabetic. I didn’t feel as though I was an unhealthy eater. I had been exercising regularly and really didn’t eat sweets. With Jamie’s simple and easy suggestions I have lost about 20 pounds. Jamie opened my eyes to the importance of how I feed myself. With her help, I have more energy and have really developed an appreciation for everything my body does. All I can say is, thanks Jamie!
– Sheldon Blair., Project & Installation Resource Specialist, CRI

Jamie has a great down-to-earth style of speaking. Because her talks are more conversational, I never felt like I was being lectured on how or what to eat.  It was more of a “here are the tools, lets figure it out” style of speaking.  She also seems to get that everyone has different needs. She is very attentive to these individual needs and is quick to provide great resources and valuable insight.  I look forward to attending more of her workshops.
Emily Z., Clif Bar Employee

Dear Jamie, I have attended several of your workshops and I cannot thank you enough for the service you are providing.  Not only am I benefitting from your  wisdom and advice, I am passing it on to my co-workers and we are all making  changes in how we eat and think about our bodies.   An excellent communicator, you present the material in bite-size pieces that is easy to remember. You have given me a new way to take care of my body and I appreciate it so very much.
– Karla D., Alta Bates Summit Medical Center Employee

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