A new approach to building resilience for the forward thinking organization

Organizations want resilient employees. People who can roll with the punches, push through, and get creative when the going gets tough.

Yet with the frantic pace at which life and work move, even the most resilient employees find themselves stressed and overwhelmed, opening the dangerous door to disengagement. And it’s with disengagement that we see lower rates of productivity, innovation and well-being.

Jamie brings an informative and innovative approach to the ways we can all re-think how we connect with ourselves and each other. Her captivating presentation had our employees fully engaged and asking lots of questions. I highly recommend her!

-Robyn Meltzer, VP Human Resources, Otis Spunkmeyer

According to the Harvard Business Review, studies done by the Queens School of Business and by the Gallup Organization reveal that, “in organizations with low employee engagement scores, they experienced 18% lower productivity, 16% lower profitability, 37% lower job growth, and 65% lower share price over time.”

So how do we foster resilience in our employees to avoid burn-out, inspire engagement and enhance well-being?

We help them reconnect to themselves.

We support them in reconnecting to their values, their compassion, their self care and their innate wisdom for greater presence, peace and power at work and in the world.

Jamie, each time I see you speak I am blown away. Not only am I benefiting from your wisdom and advice, but I’m passing it on to the people in my life and we’re all making changes in how we listen to and approach oursleves. You’ve truly given me the permission I needed to trust myself and I appreciate it so very much.

-Karla D., Alta Bates Summit Medical Center

The Reconnect curriculum was born from a common theme I saw over and over in my coaching practice: accomplished, driven women and men stressed out, stuck and struggling to weather the ups and downs of work and life while caring for themselves in the process.

Through workshops, one-on-one coaching and peer mentor groups, Reconnect guides employees to better understand and care for themselves and each other for strengthened communication, collaboration, inspiration and resilience in challenging times.

If you’d like to bring Reconnect to your organization, email kristin(at)jamieliving(dot)com and we’ll set up a time to chat and strategize.

Jamie was amazing. Her message to our Leader Training team was spot on – applicable to them not only in managing their teams, but also managing their overall lives!
-LaVonne Finnerud, Luna Summit Conference