Rave Reviews

Rave Reviews

Abby OI originally met with Jamie to help rethink the way I was engaging with my food and give me some tools to reduce sugar (ice cream for dinner was a regular occurrence) and my diet coke habit.  Our work together has gone above and beyond all my expectations!  Jamie has given me strategies on how to approach eating, cooking and, most surprisingly, how to create an awesomely full life! The most comforting thing about talking with Jamie is I have never felt judged or that I was wrong.  Jamie created an open forum for me to really examine and question my eating and over all life habits. Being a Type A, over-scheduler, Jamie helped me understand that sometimes stillness is as/or more productive than running around like a crazy person and that taking care of myself will make me better in every aspect of my life. I look forward to our time together, like I would with another girlfriend, and I know she always has the insight to help me figure it all out.- Abby O.

Shannon HI’ve always been an overweight, unhealthy eater. I had tried a lot of things to change my habits and always ended up failing. I finally decided, after seeing a family member go through gastric bypass surgery, that I needed to make a serious lifestyle change or end up down a road I didn’t want to be on.

I did a lot of research into nutritionists and finally decided on Jamie after reading her philosophy and glowing reviews.

Even after the first consultation she had me thinking about food and my health differently. One of the first things she said was: “It sounds like you know what you want to do, you just don’t have the focus to do it”. Working with her gave me the focus I needed.

Not once did she say the word diet. With her guidance, eating healthy did not feel like a chore, but a fun opportunity. She helped me create a regular exercise routine that I actually look forward to for the first time in my life. She never made me feel like I was forcing myself into doing anything I didn’t want to do. If I tried and didn’t like something, she was open to talking about it and had a new alternative to suggest.

Sessions with her were always an encouraging experience. She had an answer to any question I had or any situation I needed advice on. I think that one of the biggest lessons she taught me is that habits don’t change overnight. If you fail today that’s ok, you always have tomorrow.

If you’re looking for a way to change your health but don’t know where to begin or are tired of trying and failing, Jamie is the perfect answer.- Shannon H.

Emily ZBefore I started working with Jamie I rarely thought about how my emotional state affected my food choices.  I often ate to to the point of being stuff and always felt terrible afterwards.  I come from a family of great cooks which always made it difficult to stop eating with so much amazing food around.  Now after working with Jamie for almost a year, I’ve learned how to make in-the-moment decisions about eating and have begun consciously connecting how my emotions effect what I put in my mouth.  I no longer get sucked into the “food frenzy” and can now sit back, chew and enjoy my food without shoveling it in or filling myself to the brim.  I truly believe getting support from Jamie on a regular basis has helped me train my brain to start thinking about what, when, how and WHY I eat.  - Emily Z.

Shanon CJamie’s amazing!! I consider myself very fortunate to be one of her clients. This is not a diet – this is a lifestyle program! One that incorporates good food, healthy living and a balanced life. Not once have I been told to exclude anything from my diet. Amazingly, however, all the bad stuff just goes away and is replaced by nutritious and yummy (!!!!!) foods.

Jamie spends so much time getting to know her clients.  She knows my lifestyle habits inside and out and is always looking for ways to help me. Our twice-monthly sessions are rejuvenating and keep me focused on my goals. While I’m not trying to lose weight, I find that I have so much more energy and a healthier body (I haven’t had so much as a cold since becoming a client). I highly recommend speaking to Jamie. Before you know it, you and your family will be in the midst of living a healthy life! - Shanon C.

Torrey FJamie is truly amazing!  As a health/nutrition coach she is extremely knowledgeable and rocked my work on so many levels!!  She provides her services with great structure, which is vital for success, but she also let me set my own goals. She did not push her own agenda or make me follow and strict rules. She followed my lead yet guided me along the way. My eating habits changed in such a way that I can continue my new healthy eating practices for the rest of my life.- Torrey F.

Rachael KI spent the majority of my life on a diet and I felt like I was always looking for the next best thing. I believed I had truly tried everything possible and was just destined to count points for the rest of my life. I ate low-fat, fat-free, diet foods that for the most part all came from a box, a bag, a can, or required a microwave to cook. Just reading a recipe was challenging to me! I was convinced I could not cook and that this life of processed, made-for-me-foods was the life for me.

This all changed when Jamie came into my life! She had such a beautiful and exciting outlook on food, one that had become foreign to me in all of my struggles. While this was very refreshing, what really made Jamie stand out from everything else I had tried, was her focus on all the wonderful things I could eat rather than all of the “bad foods” I had to stay away from.

In just four months I cannot believe what I have learned and introduced into my daily life! My body, refrigerator and kitchen cabinets have transformed from being filled with frozen, pre-made, and canned foods to being filled and nourished with fresh fruits, vegetables, beans, grains and even fresh herbs and seasonings! The best part of all of this is that I know what to do with them! I am no longer intimidated by the word sauté, or anything else that a recipe may throw my way!

To top it off I no longer feel the need to be on a diet and feel healthier on the inside and look healthier on the out side! Jamie helped me develop a confidence within myself so I now trust my body to tell me when I am hungry and know what my body needs, wants, and deserves!  If any one is sitting with the question of whether or not to embark on this wonderful but somewhat scary journey with Jamie, I am here to say go for it! I believe if there is anyone out there who can help the nutritionally helpless with such amazing patience, understanding, humor, and guidance it is definitely Jamie! - Rachael K.

Kathryn CJamie is a sparkling gem who keeps you entertained with her amazing personality while teaching you how to improve your life with delicious nutrition. Although I have my BS in Natural Health and am an advocate for personal wellness, The Food Goddess Group gave me new and inspiring tools that I use everyday.

Working in a group with Jamie as our talented leader encouraged me to take my nutrition to a higher level. Before Jamie’s Food Goddess Group, I aspired to maintain a gluten free, sugar free diet though I used to ‘sneak’ sugar and gluten and feel incredibly guilty after consuming it. Jamie’s guidance and recipes were so wonderful that I no longer have the desire to eat foods that contain ingredients that are toxic for my body.  Now, my body feels better than ever.

While enrolled in Jamie’s group, I was asked to develop a wellness program for a large corporation. Not knowing where to start, I frantically emailed Jamie for help. Working on a short time schedule, Jamie quickly gave me the steps to write a business proposal outlining my attributes. She coached me through a successful presentation and empowered me to conduct a productive “brain-storming” session with the CEO. WOW!

With Jamie’s amazing knowledge and mentorship I now know that I’m on the right path.  The confidence and self assurance Jamie and the Food Goddess group has given me is PRICELESS!  - Kathryn C.

Working with Jamie Living was truly a life-changing experience. Before working with Jamie, I never cooked (I was scared of the kitchen, in fact!), I rarely exercised, and I didn’t know how to eat properly. Through my work with Jamie, I started cooking for the first time in my life and now I absolutely love it! There is nothing more satisfying than preparing a delicious meal (and knowing exactly what ingredients are going in my body). I exercise regularly and have found ways to move and work out that I never thought I’d enjoy before this experience. I have more energy, I have more motivation, and I am far less critical of myself. I’ve lost weight and have gained a whole lot of self-confidence. This whole process wasn’t about dieting and it wasn’t about a quick-fix. It was about a change in my lifestyle, a change in how I view food, a change in how I view (and appreciate!) myself.

Jamie is so intelligent, encouraging, and kind, and it was always wonderful to talk to her and check-in. She valued every question I asked and never made me feel silly. She really focused on my individual goals and sent me recipes and offered guidance and advice to fit my personal needs. Jamie truly gave me the best gift I could ask for — the tools to continue and move forward with this healthier and kinder lifestyle for the rest of my life!!  - Allison W.

Patti TI loved the Jamie’s Food Goddess group! My original goals for joining were slight, getting back in touch with healthier eating and finding some new recipes. But over the course of two and a half months, I realized a lot about my bad habits and my eating patterns as well as met a great group of women.

My world is very hectic as an assistant principal of an urban middle school. My typical methods are to rush around in a giant stress ball all day/week and then finally collapse in a heap on the couch. My eating followed similarly with inconsistent attempts to eat healthy foods that I enjoy with serious dalliances of poor food choices.  I can’t even call it poor food choices –more like non choices– things that I could grab on the fly and keep going. The school cafeteria food is NOT good, no way, no how! I justified this behavior by telling myself that when things settled down I could get back on track and make the delicious food I love to eat.

Well guess what? What I realized during my work with Jamie is that things are never going to slow down. Life is craziness all day, every day. So I’ve been forced to really take a look at how I was going to do this job and keep myself healthy and sane. During the Food Goddess group I realized that I really need to find ways to maintain my healthy life choices throughout the madness. Jamie’s tips like breathing, slowing down to actually look at what’s on my plate, and TASTE the food that I’m eating, made a huge difference for me.

With the help of my fellow food goddesses, I got in touch with what my body was telling me. I started to see patterns between what I was eating and how I felt. The best part of the whole process was the realization that I love to cook!  It IS relaxing for me. I love making myself and my friends happy with the meals that I prepare. So instead of coming home from another crazy day at the office and lying on the couch until I fall asleep, I now come home and make a delicious meal. The shopping, the preparation, the eating and the cleanup are all very nourishing and relaxing to me. And, I love knowing that I am taking care of myself in the process in both body and mind.  Thank you Jamie!  - Patti T.

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