• There are many times I've looked across the room and watched Jamie talking to someone. She is always 100% (200%?) present, open, curious, empathetic, and engaged. That's Jamie - a passionate, curious seeker bravely walking her own path and dedicated to helping you connect and deepen to yours."

    -Tara Mohr, author of Playing Big. Find Your VOICE, Your MISSION, and Your MESSAGE

  • I used to be cut off at the neck, completely detached from my body. I spent decades battling my body, hopping on and off diets, numbing out with crazy work schedules and sugar binges. Jamie immediately saw my patterns and with incredible sweetness and grace, opened my eyes to another way.

    I now give myself permission (it’s still hard sometimes!) to check in with my body and see what she wants to eat, how she wants to move, and what I can do to honor her rather than control her. Most importantly, in learning how to trust myself and my body, I’m calmer now, more connected and showing my children that they can do the same.

    Jamie’s wisdom is innate, bubbling up from what feels like an eternal source and I am so lucky to have her as my guide.

    - Sharon Goldfarb

  • "When I first contacted Jamie I was intrigued but skeptical. I didn't think anyone could help me dig out of the super-tight, food-obsessed hole I was in. Working with Jamie is one of the best things I have ever done. She has such a great way of looking at things and has changed my perspective without it being so hard. I’m not mean to my body the way I used to be and the incessant “I’m fat” chatter has quieted. But the biggest takeaway? I've now cultivated the strength to voice what I want in my relationships and in my life, which is a very new thing for me.

    Without a doubt Jamie was the very best investment I ever made in myself. And as I know now, I’m worth it."

    -Sirrekka Schoenfeld

  • "I spent the majority of my life on a diet and I felt like I was always looking for the next best thing. I believed I had truly tried everything possible and was just destined to count points for the rest of my life. I ate low-fat, fat-free, diet foods that all came from boxes and bags. Just reading a recipe was challenging to me!
    This all changed when Jamie came into my life. She had such a beautiful and exciting way of connecting me with my body, which had become foreign to me in all of my struggles.
    Jamie taught me how to listen to my body and trust her needs and wants. If any one is sitting with the question of whether or not to embark on this wonderful but somewhat scary journey, I am here to say go for it! There are a million coaches out there but rarely do you find one with such patience, energy, humor, and understanding. Jamie is a gem! "

    -Rachael Konikoff

  • "Jamie has a way of immediately putting other women at ease. She's that disarming blend of soul sister, grounded guide, and friend with whom you most love to grab tea. She gets women and our relationship with our bodies, and is an absolutely awesome coach and accountability partner -- compassionate, rooted, real, and flowing. Talk with her. You'll see."

    -Abby Kerr, Creative Director of The Voice Bureau

  • Before working with Jamie I felt betrayed by my body. My head and body were definitely at war with each other. Jamie was right there, ready with her insights and tender ear, when a major illness brought me face to face with how I really treat myself. She understands the pressure I put on myself and is helping me soften my perfectionism and learn to be comfortable in my own skin. WIth her guidance I am learning about the incredible role my body plays in the plan I have for my life.

    -Karen Jobb

  • After only a couple of weeks working with Jamie I’m already taking better care of myself.
    My body feels lighter, I’m speaking my truth, and after months struggling with a creative block, I’m now waking up every morning to inspired writing.

    Jamie shines a laser of intuitive knowing in all the right spots. The outcome is magic.

    -Ellen Mann

  • Chatting with Jamie is always pure joy. She gets to the real, to the profound, to the deep waters in a way that feels like pleasure, like laughter, like old friends having margaritas. Our conversations open me up in the most delightful way.

    -Andrea Scher, Creator of SuperheroLife

  • Jamie’s given me the support, wisdom and trust I didn't even know I was missing. She is fabulously real and lovingly calls me on my old bullsh*t excuses of not honoring myself. According to my calculations, Jamie’s at least 200 years old to embody such wisdom and experience. I used to believe I was immune to feelings until she showed me all the ways I was hiding from myself. I’ve now traded efficiency, control and perfectionism for peace. I am healing old wounds around my body and throughout my life. Jamie has taught me how to trust my body, understand my feelings and take good care of myself without guilt, or feeling frantic. Incredible.

    -Michelle Levine

  • There aren't enough words to describe what coaching with Jamie has meant to me, so I'll say this. My heart wells up with gratitude when I think about how lucky I am that she crossed my path.

    -Alyson Tuttle

  • "Jamie offers a much needed voice in a world full of toxic information about our worth and our health. She joins those of us helping people (re) define health based on what is best for our unique body, story and lifestyle rather than contributing to the crazy-making of diets and quick fix hyperbole. Jamie is a force of positivity in your corner helping you develop tools for change, hope and healing."

    -Rebecca Bass-Ching, Founder+Director - Potentia Family Therapy, Inc.

  • I originally came to Jamie to talk about food and within a minute we were talking about the bigger picture of my life. I thought I already had a great life and didn’t need to talk about the emotional stuff. I just wanted to get my eating habits straightened out. Yet as we talked, Jamie challenged me to challenge myself. She dared me to be courageous and address things that I had been avoiding for YEARS. I didn’t quite realize how these things were holding me and my body back. Like I said, I had a great life, but now my life is better, clearer and I’m now in a position of power to achieve what I want to do next.

    Creating that kind of transformation in others is a gift very few people have and Jamie’s got it in spades. She’s sassy, gets right to the point and calls it like she see’s it, all the while being loving, nurturing, supportive and damn funny. Like I told her the last time we spoke, my life would suck without having met her. Truth!

    -Heather Cooper

  • Talking to Jamie’s like giving myself a kick in the butt and a big hug and kiss at the same time!

    Jamie came highly recommended to me by a friend. I had been sharing my body struggles and telling her I felt uninspiration, unsexy, overwhelmed and frustrated when she said, “Oh. You need to talk to Jamie.”

    Needless to say, I’ve been hooked ever since.

    Jamie and I talk about everything. Marriage, motherhood, work, mindless munching, getting my mojo back. No conversation topic is off limits and if anything, she’s shown me that all aspects of my life lead back to what I believe about my body, what my body’s trying to tell me and how I choose to listen or ignore her.

    Jamie’s helped me realize that my happiness has nothing to do with the number on the scale but rather how I feel in my skin. Body acceptance used to seem impossible, like an endless slippery slope I’d start climbing, only to slide back down. I now know that accepting myself doesn’t mean I am settling, but rather I’m loving myself in the moment and working in harmony to help myself get where I want to be.

    Oh, and I’ve never felt so beautiful. Thank you, Jamie, for reminding me.

    -Jen Aquino

  • Jamie renews my spirit. Every time we’re done talking, I wonder how I could live without our conversations.

    My favorite Jamie moment was when I told her I felt flabby and how I wanted to be fit, like Shakira or Madonna. (I already work out 3 times a week but you know, I wanted MORE results.) She asked, “Well, what does your husband think about your body?”

    “He loves it,” I said. She said, “Great. Then let’s have you practice seeing your body through your husband’s eyes.” It never occurred to me to look at my body in the same adoring and desirous way that my husband does. Jamie’s given me countless gems but that one really stuck.

    Coaching with Jamie is like a workout for my heart – it feels so good to use my emotions and my voice. She’s a beautiful mirror that always reflects the best of me back to myself.

    -Olga Medina

  • I like to refer to Jamie as my “everything” coach. Not just a life coach, not just a food and body counselor, but truly a mind, body, soul, physical, mental, emotional, all encompassing, whatever I need coach. Our sessions are by far the most cathartic conversations I have each month. Talking with her is like yoga for my soul. Even when I think I’ve got things “figured out” she’ll deliver a one liner that sheds new light. She has a way of weeding through all the unimportant junk to bring me straight to what’s most real and true in my life.

    - Meaghan Praznik

  • Jamie is life energy in front of you. Her gift is a deep awareness of self, which guides her unique work. To work with Jamie is to feel fully understood, supported, and capable of action! It's impossible not to leave her company without a lighter step, excitement about the plan we've worked on together (whether incorporating certain foods, exploring different activities, or unpacking relevant emotions), and a feeling of completeness. If you have the opportunity to have Jamie shine her light on you, take it.

    -Olivia Khalili, Senior Program Director, Yahoo for Good

  • Out of all the ah-has Jamie’s given me, her concept of “Choosing Your Wellness” is by far the most mind-blowing. I used to feel guilty and be extremely hard on myself for splurging on a sweet, eating a heavy meal or going out for cocktails. I've now learned that the things I used to consider “Bad and Shameful” are completely fine. In fact, they're part of my wellness. I don’t want to live a life of “Why Didn't I's?” I've finally let it be OK to have a cookie or a cocktail if I’m doing it for me, out of pure joy rather than an emotional underpinning. With Jamie's help I've learned how to say YES to myself rather than living my life by “shoulds” and "shouldn'ts".

    It's a whole new world and I have Jamie to thank for it.

    -Lindsey Young

  • Jamie Greenwood is the bomb! She is raw, vulnerable and instantly likable. Memorable is the best word I can use to describe this fabulous woman.

    -Melody Biringer - founder The CRAVE Company