Just F*cking Journal

 The Just F*cking Journal Class: September 25th-30th

6 days. 6 fresh prompts. 6 ways to reconnect with YOU.

Writing is one of the most cathartic, healing tools we have. In a quick 10 minutes, we can leave what’s weighing us down on the page and find the wisdom to cultivate calm, clarity and inspired action.

And yet while putting pen to paper is simple, it’s not always easy.

If you know you should journal but can never find the time

If you love writing and with the busyness of life you’ve fallen out of the habit

If you’re sick of the mental chatter and crave some quiet and clarity then join me for…

 Just F*cking Journal

During this FREE 6 day class you’ll receive daily journaling prompts to help you clear out the cobwebs to feel focused, inspired and reconnected to yourself.

Writing allows us to understand and own our experience and in letting the words flow, we find our truth, our voice and the answers we’ve been looking for.

Join me for JFJ and together we’ll write our way to wisdom, clarity and inspired action.


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I know I should journal + always put it off.  You too? Join me for @jamieliving’s free class #Justeffingjournal.

6 days. 6 prompts. 6 ways to reconnect with you. Join me + @jamieliving for her FREE class #Justeffingjournal

Signed up for @jamieliving’s FREE class Just F*cking Journal, cuz who can pass up a class with a name like that?