Group Programs

Group Programs


How much of you is lost battling your body,

trying to control her, handle her, fix her, numb her, heal her?  

Seriously, how much energy do you spend thinking about a tighter stomach, a smaller butt, and losing those extra pounds?  How often do you swing back and forth between overeating and under eating, trying your hardest to be healthy, before you throw you hands up in the air, grab the ice cream and yell, “FUCK IT”??

This is a real war and the causality is YOU.

How you feel about your body impacts everything and currently you’re pretty sure you’re body has lost her damned mind.

You feel set adrift on an ocean of self doubt, which pummels you daily reminders that you’re fat, lazy, disgusting and if you really cared about yourself you wouldn’t have let your body get so out of control.

I totally get it.

This battle between you and your body is very is real and you feel the disconnect in the core of your being.  Heavy, weighty, exhausting, endless and you just want it to stop.  Perferrably, now.

In the last few months I’ve had a number of women reach out and ask for a group.

They don’t want to go another day feeling like sh*t about themselves and are desperate to learn how to feel at home in their bodies.  They also, for once in their lives, want to stop suffering alone.

Well, ask and you shall receive.

I’m opening up 10 spaces for The Coming Home Project.  This is a group of select women who will join me and each other to learn how to stop waging war on themselves and feel at home in their bodies.

Think of this group as the rescue team you’ve been waiting for.

Here are the details:

What: A 5 week coaching group

When:  Starts Tuesday, June 11 at 5 pm PST

Format: A weekly phone call with teachings and Q&A, deep dive assignments between calls and a private Facebook group to share insights, ah-has + much needed love.

Cost: $300

Who:  You, me and 8 other thoughtful, committed women who, like you, are in the trenches and want to end the war with their bodies.


If a one-on-one session with you is $375, how is a 5 week group only $300?  Because I want to make this accessible to everyone who wants it.  It pisses me off when money is the only barrier stopping you from ending a life time of body struggle.  So, I’m removing the barrier.

Why only 10 people?  Because I believe the deepest learning happens in intimate environments.  I want you to have the opportunity for direct coaching from me and also get to know the courageous women on this journey with you.

What if I can’t make one of the calls?  All calls will be recorded and sent to the group so you can listen as many times as you want.  You can also ask questions in the Facebook group which I will be monitoring daily.

Will we be talking about food too or just body stuff?  As you know, it’s all related.  Each week will be a different lesson and one will absolutely cover emotional eating + how to eat to feel at home in your body.

I’m not sure if the timing will work out for me.  Will you be running this group again?  I don’t know.  I say if you can make this go round work, hop on.

Can I just sign up for the group or is there an application process?  Such a good question.  There’s no “application” process however I’m carefully curating this group to fill with women that I know are 1) wonderful, tender-hearted, open and 2) READY.  To sign up I’m asking everyone to tell me why they want to be in this special group so that I know they are the right fit.

What if the group is SO good that I don’t want it to stop after 5 weeks?  Don’t worry, my dear.   The Facebook group will always be open and, if space allows, we can coach privately.  The moral of the story, you won’t be left alone by the wayside.

To snag your spot, simply fill in the contact form below and tell me why this group is perfect for you.

If you have any other questions, please let me know.

I am beyond excited to be able to offer this group to you.  If you’re ready to stop battling your body and experience the comfort and peace of settling into your own skin, join us.

Lots of love,


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