Girls Garden Party Cooking Class in Wine Country!

As women we love to bond over food.  We love to buy it, cook it, and most importantly, eat it!  Food truly is one of the strongest ties that binds us together as deeply-connected, caring females. It simply isn’t OK to see a girlfriend without a least a cup of tea and or glass of wine to share, right?

I throw dinner parties all the time and one of the things I love most is the joy that comes with sharing a meal with my dearest female friends.  Food certainly is love and when we feed each other, there is a sense of kinship that can’t be found at any other time.

And yet as women are often afraid of food.  We love how it tastes in our mouths but worry what it will do to our hips and thighs.  We joyfully moan together over chocolate lava cake, then secretly berate ourselves for indulging.

If you and your ladies adore ridiculously good food, splendid locations and are ready to truly experience female food bonding without the body-berating, I have got you covered!

The Girl’s Garden Party Cooking Class + Wine Tasting is designed especially for you and your best girlfriends to tantalize your taste buds, stimulate your senses and leave you with a profound understanding of what to eat and how to cook an unforgettable meal together.

Oh, and did I mentioned the class will be held at the gorgeous Victorian estate of Kelley and Young Winery?  Amazing. 

Where we will be eating!!!

Together we will converge at this private home for a hands-on cooking class and then, after cooking our lil’ hearts out, we’ll eat, drink wine, relax, and chat alfresco-style in the luscious and light-filled garden. 

Ready to get on the Girl’s Garden Party bandwagon?  Click here to reserve your spot for this exciting class!

What can you expected from the Girl’s Garden Party Cooking Class?

This class is about sharing a deeply delicious experience with your dearest girlfriends.  BFFs, college roommates, current roommates, mothers, daughters and aunties are all invited!  It doesn’t matter whether you cook every day or rarely step foot in the kitchen.  This class is for all levels and is all about getting your girlfriend food groove on!!

Here are few tasty treats you can expect from this class:

  • A full easy-to-execute menu that you and your girls will love to make and eat together
  • Multiple wine pairings with the meal to hone your wine tasting & pairing skills (Fabulous!)
  • How to break down a recipe into manageable parts
  • A strong understanding of how we, as women, treat ourselves with food
  • Courage to try new things and know that yes, YOU can cook!
  • A bonding experience that you and the girls can share for years to come
  • New dance moves to bust out in your kitchen that get the juices flowing
  • A strategic plan on how to eat for your unique body
  • Quick tips and strategy on shopping, menu planning and meal prep
  • The power to say, “Yes, body I luv you lots and I’m going to feed you well.”

How do you know the Girls Garden Party Cooking Class is right for you?

  • You love your girlfriends and rarely have time to cook together
  • You cook all the time and want to try something new
  • The romanticism of cooking and eating among luscious grapevines warms your heart and tickles your toes
  • You want to connect with your girlfriends over something unique and exciting
  • You adore food & cooking and want to learn more about wine pairing
  • You love food and sometimes berate yourself for eating too much of it 
  • You crave rocking out in the kitchen and need more excuses to do so
  • You’ve always wanted to cook but are intimidated
  • It’s time for an excuse to have some fun and this is as good as any

This class is all about fabulous food, wonderful wine, way too much fun, and learning how to create the most powerful form of self-care…cooking with your favorite girl!

Sound good?  Click here to reserve your spot for this wonderful class

The beauty of this class is that while I’m teaching you how to cook, I’m also teaching you how to foster a healthy and tasty relationship with each morsel that goes into your mouth. 

This means no more guilt, no more wondering how much to eat and no more feeling out of control whenever you look in the refrigerator. Amazing, right?? This is big stuff, way more than you’d ever get in a “regular” cooking class and as the Mastercard commercials say, it’s priceless!

Girls having way too much fun!

If you and your girlfriends are a down-to-earth, seriously soulful and sassy group who are ready to cook, eat and have way too much fun together, it’s time to sign up.

The Goods

WhereKelley and Young Estate, Alexander Valley, CA
When: Saturday, September 15
Time: 12 noon-3:30ish
TicketsRegister here

To whet your appetite

The stellar menu is 100% organic, local and sustainable.  Yowza!  Here’s what’s in store:

Goat cheese and fig crostini

Rosemary roasted cashews

Lemon roasted chicken thighs with french lentils & dijon viniagarette  

Perfect potatoes with fresh herbs

Kale and apple salad with toasted pecans

Shaved zucchini salad with late-harvest cherry tomatoes and corn

Apple & pear crisp with maple-whipped sour cream 

SO are you ready to join us for a delicious day, girlfriend-style?

The class size is limited to 16 very classy & sassy girlfriends (which mean more Jamie time for you).  It is sure to sell out so reserve your spot today!

COST: $125

This is WAY more than just a cooking class.  It’s a workshop for girlfriends to experience that special connection that only happens when women come together in the kitchen.  It’s a chance to explore how we as women receive, show love and bond around the most important act we do every day…eating. 

Most importantly, it will be a gorgeous day that you all will remember for years to come!

Click here to reserve your spot for this fabulous class

If you have any questions, feel free to email me or give a call at 510-393-0437.

See you at the vineyard!

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