4 questions to ease you out of 2016 (and get you feeling hopeful for the year to come.)

Far too often we hurl ourselves into a new year without taking stock or giving reverence for the year we’ve just had. We forget the good work accomplished, the love shared, the disappointments felt, the unexpected gifts that appeared. Every December I take time to reflect on the year that has passed, usually chronicling what…

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Thank you, Body.

Hi there, I have a quick story for you. In early October I found myself, while at a 7 day silent meditation retreat, in a full blown emotional tailspin. The silence has done little to ease my soul and rather given way to all the fear and worry and pain I’d been ignoring for the…

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Craving inspiration

This morning I woke up needing a shot of inspiration. Perhaps it was the holiday travel, our current political state, the back-to-back Thanksgiving gatherings or the underlying anxiety of wanting Adam’s first Thanksgiving with my family to be a “good” one, but whatever it was, this morning was freakin’ rough. My usual response to waking…

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Fighting for love.

How are you doing? Truly? It’s been a very painful few weeks for many of us and I really want to know how your body and your being is doing with all of this. I’ve been feeling all the feels. Terrified. Confused. Sad. Angry. Untethered. And, in the last 48 hours, something else has crept…

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A bit of relief on this insane election day.

Today is a big day. A big f*cking day. A day so big, so historic, so insanely consequential that it’s hard to let the full gravity of it sink it. Or if we have let the gravity sink it, we’ve been feeling flattened by it. That’s how I’ve been feeling. Flattened. And suffocated. And overwhelmed….

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This body is not taking comments.

Happy Tuesday! As you may (or may not) know, 9 years ago I started my coaching career in the health field, helping women and men reconnect with their food and their bodies. Over the last handful of years I’ve expanded this concept of “reconnection” out beyond just food and body to include writings on romantic…

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Important information if you’re a single, professional woman

First, if you’re not a single, professional woman, you are more than welcome to skip this post right now and we’ll be back to our fully inclusive programming next week. And if you are a single professional woman, welcome. This post is for you. I’m often invited to join online telesummits and rarely do I…

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The well of goodwill

“What happened in your relationship?” It was a bold question for a second date and even bolder considering I didn’t wanted to spoil what was quickly becoming one of the best mornings of my life. “Well, it’s complicated,” Adam said. “The disintegration happened slowly, over time. There are any number of events I could point…

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Productivity and the fire inside

The other day I was in my inbox trying to get through the 130 unread messages, when the thought hit me, “Why is there so much shit to do that has nothing to do with what I want to be doing???” This is certainly not an original thought however it made me ponder all the…

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What if journaling changed everything?

Before I dive into why journaling is a must for anyone looking to reconnect with themselves, let me be honest and say, during the 6 years of my married life I rarely journaled. Then, KABOOM, my marriage blew up and in the aftershocks of that earthquake I realized I had a lot of unacknowledged feelings…

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