All Access Day

All Access Day

You + Me = awesomeness all day, baby!

You are a Wham-Bam-Thank You-Ma’am type that just needs to be shown what to do and you are all over it. No one gets sh*t done like you and it’s time to give your food and body some serious attention. You want to reconcile your mission and lifestyle with the body you deserve and now is the time. I hear you, girl!

Our day together will hit it all and by the end of our 7-hour stint you will feel like a new, food-focused, body-loving, totally-together mama.

First a few Qs:

  • Do you inadvertently start every morning with a check list of how your body looks?
  • Do you try to eat healthfully but still find Newman’s Own chocolate cookies in your cart?
  • Perhaps you hate the term emotional eater and aren’t one…except for those nights when you are?
  • Are you intimidated by the farmer’s market but want to be a good little green girl and shop there?
  • Do you know there is junk in your pantry but just don’t know how to replace it?
  • Perhaps you use calorie-counting to control your eating and keep your body stuffed in the “perfection” box? (Suffocating, isn’t it?)
  • Are you excited by the “thought” of cooking but rarely do it because either there’s no time or you don’t know how?

If any of this sounds familiar, the All Access Day is for you!

Your All Access Day gets into the nitty-gritty:

  • What’s in your kitchen that’s killing your good food mojo
  • Food shopping for your busy lifestyle and making it simple, quick & easy as pie
  • How thinking you aren’t doing enough is keeping your body in a stress cyclone which actually slows you down!
  • Bringing out your inner cooking creative rockstar to know what to make and eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • How to fill your pantry with stellar food you actually want to eat
  • Digging deep into what’s keeping you from the body you want and how to get it ASAP
  • Flipping the switch on sugar cravings so sweets no longer call your name
  • Easy eating-out plan to make any restaurant experience a tasty treat
  • Ditching toxic body thoughts to finally feel at home in your body (It’s about time!)

So what are the exact deets?
Here’s what our day will look like:

Fresh Start: Digging Deep
This is your time to sit down with me in person (hot damn!) and go over all your body and food concerns. This is where we go fishing for the good stuff and where change begins so get stoked and bring the tissues. With our strategy session information in tow, I will lay out a plan to get you shopping, cooking, eating and feeling like a total food & body goddess.

Pantry and Kitchen Clean Out
Arm and arm, you and I will discover what is in your kitchen and pantry that needs to find a new home. Don’t worry, its not that painful. This is always a fun and eye-opening part of your day as you learn what’s a must-buy and a never-try.

Ladies Lunch time
I’ll choose a snazzy place and we’ll share a scrumptious lunch, chatting and laughing for some much-needed girl-time. I’ll also give you my secret eating-out strategies and the perfect plan for enjoying every meal without needing to unbutton your pants. (Priceless!)

Afternoon Food ShoppingGet excited as I take you to your local farmer’s market or grocery store for your very own private shopping tour. This is where the cooking ideas start flowing and all your questions about unknown foods and healthy products get answered.

Cooking and Your Food Groove
You and Me in the kitchen promises a rockin’ good time. Taking into account the food you love to eat, we’ll turn up the music and cook a full meal together that will make your heart ring and your taste-buds sing. I’ll slip out right before serving time so you can share the yumminess with your honey, children or dearest girlfriends. And yes there will be leftovers for the week to come. Score!

The Jamie-Style Wrap Up
Together we’ll look back on your delicious day and lay out what worked and how you can permanently tap into the body-loving muscle you’ve strengthened all day to keep the party going.

Your All Access Day also includes:

  • Both of my e-cookbooks to keep your food groove going (over 50 ridiculous recipes!)
  • How-to handouts and information guides
  • One 30-minute phone follow-up to ask any burning questions

Amazing, right?

The biggest gift you can give to yourself is learning how eat, drink and think for your bodacious body.

How you treat yourself is revealed in every interaction, every thought and every belief that whatever you are doing is not enough.

Now seriously my sassy get-it-done señorita, isn’t it time to have your body be as kickass as your life?

Contact me to sign up for your All Access Day. I only have 4 openings per month, so get in touch now to get on my calendar!

I know you are so crazy ready to get your All Access Day on and I can’t wait to see you!

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