Working with Jamie

First off, you’re amazing for getting this far into my website.


I know you like hopping straight to the solution, hate wasting time and really really hate asking for help. (Though it always feels like a 10 thousand pound weight has been lifted off your chest once you finally do. So there’s that.) I get that you’re pushing past all kinds of comfort zones just by letting your eyes scroll this page. So, rock on with your bad self.

Here’s the deal. You’ve got a good life. In fact, 95% of it is pretty f*cking great and you feel so grateful for that.

There’s also a ton on your plate and even more on your mind. You hate feeling unhappy and have become quite adept at slapping on a smile when things are sh*t, love to spray silver linings on bad situations and run around your day like a frantic, busy bee trying to get everything done perfectly. And you worry. A lot.

Particularly about that one secret struggle in your life that’s currently kicking your a**.

And I know you’re spinning and trying really hard to muscle through it.

You want a quick solution to fix what’s not working to make the not-so-flowery feelings bubbling just under the surface disappear. You’re desperate to find the way out of feeling unimpressed by your body, overwhelmed and resentful of your self-imposed responsibilities, unsatisfied in your romantic relationships, freaked out about your food, disconnected from what your soul needs, stuck keeping everyone happy, and like you’re never doing enough because ignoring these feelings just isn’t working anymore.

You’re dying for a non-judgemental voice to simply say, “I get it”, “I understand” or even just, “Damn girl, that must be hard!”

The problem is no one does because you don’t ever tell anyone what’s really going on.

WHY? Because when it comes to that secret struggle, you have a tough time nailing down what you really feel, what’s really going on and what the hell to do about it.

Until now.

My job is to give you a safe space to figure out what’s going on, to feel everything that comes up and deliver a clarifying, energizing reality check that sets you straight. I’m here to show you what you can’t see and give you the tools to approach the struggle that’s kicking your a** in a fresh way to move you through it…quick.

My job is to leave you relieved, inspired, connected and most importantly, excited to go in and face you’re struggle like the badass go-getter you are.

What do we talk about?

Whatever topic requires airing and clarity. In other words, everything. Our sessions are a safe, discreet place where you get to voice the dirty little secrets that are eating away at you.

I’ll take you through my process to handle:

  • Your secret struggle and WHY it exists when everything else in your life is together.
  • Why you can’t seem to find and voice your truth in that one trouble area when in other parts of your life you know exactly what’s up, what you want and say it with sass.
  • How to pinpoint what you feel and give yourself permission to feel it all.
  • How to compassionately accept your truth, stay loyal to it and voice it once it has arrived.

And why would you do this deep stuff with ME and hop on the Jamie Train?

Because one of my superpowers is making you feel more secure, understood and pumped about your life, ups, downs and all, than you’ve ever felt before. (More pumped than that youthful summer when you talked to Danny Shuman for hours then finally kissed on the beach under a starry sky.) The truth pours out in my sessions because when you feel fully held and connected, nothing less can show up. Surround that truth with the faith and energy to own it and you’re free.

Unburdened. Unstoppable. Ready for action.

And though my sessions cover everything from how to not lose yourself in the middle of a life crisis (think divorce, illness, moving, empty-nesting), what to say during difficult conversations where you’d normally go mute, what to do when you want a relationship and no one good is showing up OR how to approach yourself with kindness rather than ripping yourself yet another new a**hole for again not being good enough, here are a few common things I work on with all my clients:

What to do when you’ve built a successful career, have a wonderful life, are incredibly grateful and STILL feel off, a little empty, a touch soul-starved and just don’t want to admit it.

The path to stop giving full power to what the most recent studies, research, feedback and other people have to say and instead turning inward to find your own answers.

How to discover your needs in your relationships + drop the judgement whether you’re in one, want one, have been abandoned by one or are looking for the escape hatch out of one.

How to be loyal to your body, trust the signals she’s sending you and dig her right now, rather than endlessly trying to control her, shrink her, ignore her, and change her to finally be “acceptable”.

How to feel everything you’re feeling (instead of endlessly protecting others + yourself from what you believe will be a endless tornado of tears) without labeling yourself a crazy lady who’s losing her sh*t and instead harness that truth to know what strong next step to take.

Sound good?

I know. It really is.

And because you’re a smart woman I know you’re logical next question is, “How do we get started?” (And then, of course, “How much?”)

Glad you asked.

You can book your 60 minute clarity session with me HERE. My clarity sessions are the quickest way for you to get straight-up, mind-clearing guidance for the secret struggle that’s clouding your brain and slowing you down. During our time together we’ll dive deep, ask big questions, open your eyes and heart to what’s really happening and bang out a list of specific, actionable recommendations to get you moving forward.

By the time our session is over you’ll feel so good, so clear, so at ease, SO MUCH BETTER for the first time in years, your friends will ask what you’re on, because you’re going to look you’ve just flown in from some kind of Eat Pray Love/ Under the Tuscan Sun situation.

The investment for our clarity session is $250.

If you like lazer-sharp insight delivered in sweet bites of wry wit that set you straight right quick, get started with your CLARITY SESSION….stat.

How do you know now’s the time to book your clarity session?

  • If you catch yourself saying, “I’m accomplished. I’m responsible. I’m proud of my work. I’ve got great friends and family. There’s so much to be “grateful for” and yet even after securing the life that looks good from the outside, something inside just doesn’t feel right.”
  • If you’re disappointed with yourself because you don’t understand how you can be so successful in your career and still struggle with your confidence when it comes to men, your body, being kind to yourself or telling people in your personal life how you really feel for fear of hurting them.
  • If you’re feeling completely bowled over by a major change in your life (think new job, lost job, new relationship, end of a relationship, house has flooded, your body’s breaking down, that kinda thing) and need perspective and relief because your friends, family and cat just aren’t cutting it.
  • If you wake up feeling like everything in your busy day is done out of compulsion and responsibility rather than desire and joy. Life feels like its being run by an army of SHOULDS and you’re stuck following orders, going through the motions. You hit the gym, go to work, eat your salad with lean protein, feel uncomfortably competitive with the women in your life, berate yourself for not doing more, judge yourself for your feelings, then start all over again the next day.
  • If everyone in your life praises you for being a “healthy eater” while you’re secretly freaking out about the flatness of your stomach and endlessly worry about every bite eaten and calorie burned. You’re at war with your body and scared to trust her because you’re 110% certain that trusting her will give you carte blanche to turn into a garbage disposal, eat everything in sight and immediately pack on the pounds.
  • If you’re the queen of a spreading a saccharine smile across your sweet face and saying “everything FINE” and right now, FINE is a big fat f*cking lie. Your controlling the sh*t out of your life and still don’t feel settled the way you should. You yearn for more. More openness. More introspection. More expression. More honesty. More joy. OH, and more soulful, knock-your-comfy-socks-off sex and are at a loss as to how to get any of it.
  • If you know there’s a truth inside you, a deep nagging truth that you’ve been ignoring for say, EVER, and it’s now barreling down on you like a fast-approaching tsunami. You’ve tried to duck and dodge it, filling your life with work, obsessive exercise, socially acceptable accomplishments, restrictive eating, half-assed romantic relationships, being a “good girl” and gripping tight to it all AND now you’re face to face with a “Come to Jeebus” moment and you have NO IDEA how to proceed.

If any of these scenarios make your eyes pop and your mouth shout, “Holy Gawd, that’s me!”, it’s time to talk.

“So what happens after our clarity session?”, you ask?

Such a good question. After our clarity session there are 2 ways to continue our work together.

1. If your secret struggle has anything to do with second-guessing your food and not trusting your body, check out my group course Just F*cking Eat It.

2. Every year I privately coach a handful of smart, funny, supremely-capable women and take them through my process of how to put themselves first, look inward, embrace how they feel and speak their truth no matter what. My private coaching is like having a clear-headed, cheerleading, open-hearted, foul-mouthed, mini-Buddha who’s always there with a fresh, insightful perspective (and a killer restaurant recommendation) in your corner, 24/7. I’m the voice of clarity you come to when your brain’s overloaded and you need a wise guide to get in there with a shovel and hoe and clear the path. (Also, I know nothing about gardening so that’ll be my last horticulture metaphor. Thank you.) If you’re interested in more in-depth coaching, it all starts with a CLARITY SESSION.

Here’s the deal: No matter how we work together, with me when you’re IN, you’re IN…like the mafia kind of IN. Meaning, I’m yours and you’re mine. We’re in this thing together because you’re more than my client, you’re my GIRL and your peace of mind, inner strength and connection to self is most importance to me.

I am a lot of things to my clients.

And most importantly I’m the person whose job it is to bring you close, hold you tight and love you hard.

Then teach you to do the same for YOU. Let’s do this.

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