Welcome! I’m Jamie Greenwood.

My goal is to change your life through unparalleled food & body support and actionable steps to take ASAP that end the overwhelm and free you up to grab ahold of all that is waiting for you.

In other words, I’m here to rock your world!

Let me know if this sounds about right:

You are deeply driven by a mission yet still feel hungry, stuck and spread too thin. You get a daily dose of the body-berating tape that’s been playing in your head for far too long and you love to keep your concerns behind closed doors so people think you’ve “got it handled.”

News flash, my love. No one’s got it all handled. Not even Oprah. Promise.

So here’s the best part about you being here. It means you are ready! It means we can get started on clearing out your food and body bullcrap so you can move on with your amazing mission and enjoy every moment of it.

By getting your food figured out and kicking your inner beeatch to the curb, you will be completely free to love your body, adore your food and live the rockin’ life that’s waiting for you!

A few other shweet things ya’ might want to know…

I received my Holistic Health Coach certification from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and Columbia University and am accredited by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. With my private and corporate practice I offer support to individuals and large groups nationwide.

I speak on the topics of eating well, unadulterated self-care, body love, and authenticity while maintaining (and enhancing) your life each and every day.

I inspire ladies (and adventurous men) to get real and get back in the kitchen through exciting, tasty, and often hilarious cooking classes.

I write snazzy self-care articles, food stories and too-good-to-be-true recipes on my blog. I write on other sites, online magazines and have written 2 seriously tasty digital cookbooks Spring Forward to a New You and How to Savor the Holidays While Saving your Waistline and Sanity that continue to fly off the (metaphorical) shelf.

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The Sassy Side of Me

I’m a small girl with big hair, big feet, a big mouth and an even bigger laugh.

I love to dance, shake my booty and have many alter-egos that come out depending on the music playing.

I’m an straight-talking, down to earth, opinionated Jewish girl from Southern California who gets asked all the time, “Are you from New York?”

I love making faces and doing voices. A favorite is Linda Richmond from Coffee Talk.

I’d rather be at a farmer’s market than Neiman Marcus. (This pains my family as I come from a long line of fashionistas.)

I think a facial + massage = heaven!

I believe in breaking yourself wide open, feeling the pain, then laughing until you cry.

I believe contentedness only comes when you allow yourself to live in your unique, authentic space.

I think flats are sexy.

I believe you’ve got to get rid of those people that bring you down, make you doubt, and question your worth. (And if that person is YOU, girlfriend, it is time to talk!)

I’m a delicate flower that still has thorns.

A taste of “The Old Jamie”

I wasn’t always the body & food loving, self-care guru, business woman that rocks the mic and coaches women to their fullest, most delicious potential.

No, I was a constantly-crazed, emotionally-drained, body-bashing chica! (I’m sure you will recognize some of these lovely features.)

I was a control freak, perfectionist who held on way too tight and constantly compared myself and my body to others. Phrases like, “Does she have a flatter stomach than me?”, “Her butt is smaller than mine!”, “How can she eat that and stay thin!” and “I want everything she’s got!” were daily mantras.

I worried what people thought about me and was on a constant crusade to” fit in”, though it never felt right. I never broke the rules, thinking that if I just played it safe, kept my big hair and big laugh under wraps and did what I was told, I would eventually get what I wanted.

Well, that never happened! Instead I felt confined, trapped and stuck in a life and body I did not want.

It wasn’t until I realized that I had the power, the ULTIMATE power and privilege to love my body and create my desired life that I started living the amazing life I have now…complete with a flourishing career, tight tushie, and LOTS of dancing.

The most important lesson to come out of my struggles is the knowledge that it’s my right and duty as a brilliant woman to love myself and the beautiful vessel that takes me through this life and empower women on a mission to know the same.

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