Your body has all the answers you need. Your body has all the answers you need.


I’m Jamie Greenwood
and it’s lovely to meet you. Let’s get acquainted, shall we?

I’m a coach and speaker who supports driven, creative, socially conscious women to compassionately reconnect with themselves.

I’m obsessed with the truth of who we are and what it takes to find the courage to live it.

I believe our greatest power as women is trusting ourselves over internal doubts, external judgements and the shoulds that run our lives.

And I believe that’s far easier said than done.

We eat, dress, communicate, work, date, even marry out of should.

We get so caught up in expectations, rules and how things should be that we have no ability to be present with how they are.

We ignore our soul, deny her voice and forget we have choice.

Here’s the deal:

I know you want to stop shoulding all over yourself to live and love in a way that feels authentic, true and in alignment with your values.

I also know you want to do good work, make an impact, love hard and rock this life without sacrificing yourself in the process.

Which is all completely possible for you.

We are ever-evolving beings,
always taking yet another step on the journey
back to the truth of ourselves
and there comes a time when we need someone, just ahead of us,
to shine light down the windy path.

I find it’s best to get to know someone by sharing stories and the lessons we’ve found in them. I’ll start.


Healing my eating disorder:

  • Thinness does not bring happiness, peace OR boyfriends.
  • I have an obscene amount of willpower. Which means very little when you’re suffocating in a box of your own making.
  • Controlling our food and getting agro with our exercise creates a momentary sense of security when life is chaotic and spinning way too fast. We think, “If I can’t control my life, at least I can control what goes into my mouth,” and yet, such rigidity doesn’t calm the fear but feeds it.

My ulcerative colitis diagnosis, a month after my 20th birthday:

  • I’m mortal. (Major shocker.)
  • My body will only be denied, diminished and controlled for so long before she speaks out.
  • Illness can be your greatest teacher and gift, if you’re open to the lessons in it.
  • Throwing meditation and mantras at a problem doesn’t make it go away. (But it sure is an important place to start.)

Becoming a wellness-obsessed, kombucha-chugging vegan, then Paleo person, and trying to heal myself with food:

  • I can say NO to sugar, dairy, gluten, alcohol, caffeine and meat for a decade and that still doesn’t make me “healthy”.
  • Juicing or smoothies? Coconut oil or olive oil? Dairy or no dairy? Truth: Just F*cking Eat It.
  • Eating whole, unprocessed food lays a good foundation for your health, and THEN you’ve got to go in and get under your food.

My (now ex) husband walking in the front door on a Monday afternoon and saying, “I don’t want to be married to you anymore”:

  • Denial is a potent drug that often requires a bucket of ice cold truth to wake us up.
  • Any break-up is a 50/50 affair.
  • Sucking it up and keeping the peace does not a happy marriage make.
  • When rejected, we must choose ourselves.
  • Telling the truth feels better than anything.
  • We must first be loyal to ourselves before we can grace another with the same.
  • Loneliness comes in many forms, including an enviable marriage that looks great from the outside.
  • Mistakes are inevitable, life is messy and we must find compassion for both.

My ulcerative colitis healing in 7 days after the “divorce bomb” was dropped:

  • My body knows my truth and she will use any means necessary to hold me to it.
  • That after doing everything right for my body “health-wise”, the thing that healed it was a path I never considered.
  • I am more resilient than I ever knew.
  • When your physical, financial and romantic “homes” are taken, you are being called to find acceptance and home within
  • When you trust yourself, nothing seems that scary.
  • Your body is always in cycle. There will be moments of good health and bad. The trick is not holding on to either.

You + Me:

My work is equal parts tender support, compassionate exploration, nitty-gritty how to’s, laugh-your-ass off insights and feel-it-in-your-gut wisdom.

I’ve learned first hand the power of owning every part of me, unsightly bits and all.

I’ve unraveled the many ways I hid from truth, acceptance, deep love and inspired work and I’ve spent the last 7 years walking hand in hand with hundreds of thoughtful, driven women who too were ready to stop hiding and reconnect with their real YOU.

To learn more about my philosophy and process, watch this.

I truly believe that when we drop the veneer
of being lone-star, superhero women
and embrace ourselves as we are, freedom blossoms, trust appears
and the energy needed to face and rock this life with courage
and joy shows up full force.

A Bit More About Me:

  • I’m an INFJ, Scorpio and Type Nine (The PeaceMaker) on the enneagram.
  • I love food shopping and am a sucker for anything tied with twine or in a jar. Seriously, give me an afternoon to hit the farmer’s market or a specialty food store and I’m a happy camper.
  • My two favorite materials are wood and leather. Nuff’ said.
  • A good sweat is sweet medicine.
  • I spent my childhood building forts, directing + starring in living room plays that cast my younger sister in supporting roles, (accidentally) kicking out my brother’s front teeth, eating avocados daily, and asking my parents questions like, “What happens when we die?”
  • Music feeds me as much as anything. I’m currently into Years & Years, Etta James,Rhye, NasBOY, and this ridiculous song called Low Key.
  • I once scoured all of Manhattan, including the boroughs, in search of the best loaf of miche. FYI, it’s here.
  • As a lifelong word hound, poetry has an uncanny way of shining light exactly where I need it. Mary Oliver, Edna St. Vincent Millay, Rumi and David Whyte slay me like none other.
  • I pull an angel card (or two) every day.
  • Appreciation, both giving and receiving, is a lost art I’m bringing back.
  • My all time favorite past time: LAUGHING til it hurts. (Eating and cuddling are tied for second.)

I am truly honored you’re here. There’s certainly a reason and I’m so pumped to discover it with you.

Lots of love,

  • Jamie