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[Holiday Survival Video] How to avoid the "f*ck its"

Have you ever experienced that moment, right after eating your fourth sugar cookie (which was preceded by 3 pieces of almond rocha), where you said, “F*** it! Today’s eating is obviously ruined.  I might as well eat everything in sight!”, and then proceed to eat 3 more cookies, chips, an energy bar and a few french fries to fully live up your bad food bonanza?

It’s a full-blown food tailspin where you feel crazy, guilty, crazy-guilty and absolutely out-of-control.

You, my dear, are smack in the middle of a bad case of the “f*ck its.”

Today’s video gets to the heart of what to do when you are about to be derailed by the hurricane of unhealthy emotions that appear after a binge.  Is it really possible to save your day even if you’ve had too much double chocolate-chip cheesecake?  Click play to find out.

After watching the video, tell me in the comments below:

1)  How does taking each meal on it’s own merit help you?
2)  How do you calm yourself after a bad food bonanza?

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Have a wonderful day and I’ll see you next week for my sixth and FINAL video on surviving the holidays.

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